19 March 2017



Since Brazil is the world’s largest meat exporter — is in 150 countries — it would be only natural that its beef would be of high quality. But that may not be the case after brazilian authorities uncovered what could be a huge scandal of rotten meat being sold on the domestic market and abroad.

The Federal Police of Brazil said there was evidence that meat packers falsified documentation for exports to Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East — rotten meat was mixed with healthy meat to be sold to consumers of these nations.

The accusations are wide-ranging and include selling rotten meat, disguising rot by adding ascorbic acid to products, modifying expiration dates and repackaging expired products, mixing cardboard with chicken meat, using spoiled meat to make sausages.


After two years of investigations, authorities found that the Ministry of Agriculture used regional bureaus to coordinate the corruption schemes — bribery of officials and health inspectors to get government certificates for meat products.

Meatpackers had direct influence in the Agriculture Ministry so they could pick the inspectors who would visit their plants. Those inspectors would produce sanitary certificates regardless of the adulteration of the products.

Employees of some meatpackers arranged bribes and favors for inspectors ranging from political donations and favorable bank loans to small bribes including meat products.


In some cases, those inspectors would then allow employees of the meatpackers to enter government offices, access computers and issue their own export certificates, investigators said.

As the scandal broke, many vegetarians made fun of meat consumers on social media. However, they should be worried about the products they consume, too. 

Since 2008, Brazil leads the world consumption of pesticides. While their use rose by 70 percent in the world over the past decade, the growth rate in Brazil reached 200 percent.


A report shows that all "natural" products are filled with pesticides. Annually, according to Brazil’s National Institute of Cancer, each brazilian ingest about 7 liters of these poisonous substances.

Between rotten meat and poisonous vegetables, Brazilians have plenty of reason to worry about their diet — provided by the corrupt government that has enslaved the nation for decades.

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