01 February 2017



Obama abandoned Mideast Christians and exposes Americans to the jihad. Was revealed that all Syrian refugees accepted into the U.S. were sunni muslims — the same Islamic sect to which the Islamic State belongs. Obama's bad character did not include any Christian among the refugees!

Sunni muslims are not being slaughtered, beheaded, and raped for refusing to renounce their faith since it is identical to ISIS. They are not having their mosques burned, nor are they being jailed and killed for apostasy, blasphemy, or proselytization. On the contrary, non-ISIS affiliated sunnis are responsible for committing atrocities against Christian minorities.

As the muslim-persecution of Christians continues to reach critical proportions around the world, the average American shows much more concern than the "old warlord" Obama. Now, is important that the US President Trump be committed to addressing the persecution that Christians face around the world.


In ISIS-controlled territories in Iraq and Syria, Christians being tortured to convert, sold into sex slavery, maimed, crucified, burned alive or beheaded. They are facing persecution at unprecedented levels and are at the verge of extinction — Christian population has dwindled from 2 million to 100,000!

The ISIS terrorists are extremely brutal, killing women and the elderly who did not obey them. They abused and mutilated their dead bodies. They cut up the corpses, tied them to the back of the cars and dragged them along. They would find them and publicly execute them.

The recent revelations of the Obama pro-muslim and anti-Christian policies fit a clear and established pattern of religious bias. When inviting scores of muslim representatives, Obama denying visas to solitary Christian representatives. When a few persecuted Iraqi Christians crossed the border into the U.S., they were thrown in prison for several months and then sent back to the lion’s den.


When the Nigerian government waged a strong offensive against Boko Haram, killing some of its jihadi terrorists, Obama called for the "human rights" of the jihadis, who regularly slaughter and rape Christians and burn their churches. When persecuted Coptic Christians and Iraqi and Syrian Christians asked for arms to join the opposition fighting ISIS, Hussein Obama refused and said no.

From a strictly humanitarian point of view Christians should receive priority simply because currently they are among the most persecuted groups in the Middle East. The Islamic State has repeatedly forced Christians to renounce Christ or die, has enslaved and raped them, and desecrated or destroyed more than 700 of their churches.

Barrack Hussein Obama — who was raised a sunni muslim — described the proposal that preference should be given to Christian minorities as "shameful": "That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion", loftily added the killer of Christians.

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